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Current Lab Members & Research Questions


Barbara Fredrickson, Ph.D
Curriculum Vitae
How do increases in daily positive emotions contribute to physical health?
Are co-experienced positive emotions more beneficial for health and well-being than solo-experienced positive emotions?

Graduate Students

Khoa Le Nguyen
How do positive emotions influence social cognition and prosocial behaviors?
What behaviors cultivate positive emotions and increase well-being in Facebook users?

Michael Prinzing
How do people understand and experience meaning in their lives?
How do interactions with AI agents influence well-being and behavior?

Kelly Tan
How do positive emotions operate while caregiving for an individual with an advanced cancer?
What role do positive emotions play during stress response while caring for an individual with advanced cancer?

Taylor West
How does contemplative practice –such as mindfulness or loving-kindness meditation- influence the cultivation of positive emotions, particularly in response to others? What are the downstream effects of co-experienced positive emotions with strangers?
How is sympathetic joy developed, and what are its consequential effects?

Jieni Zhou
What accounts for people’s sensitivity to positive experiences and who can benefit the most from positive emotions?
How do positive interactions in romantic relationships impact people’s relationship satisfaction and physical health?